Urdu Scholars release ‘Fitna-e-Brothers’ book against the rising trend of self-styled preachers

A magnificent book against the surge of self-acclaimed "Daees" and "Brothers" has been released in India in Urdu with the title "Fitna-e-Brothers", roughly translated as "Calamity of Brothers". The author Shaykh Zia-ur-Rahman Abdulazeez Mohammed Nazeeri has accounted the details with substantial proofs and evidences from the Quran, Sunnah and the sayings of pious Imams of how often the self-acclaimed speakers have ruined the essence of Dawah of the Prophets with their lack of knowledge and arrogance.

​Yaser al-Jabri denies purposeful visit to Faiz Syed’s IRC in Aurangabad

Shaykh Yaser al-Jabri al-Madani of Jeddah denied visiting Advocate Faiz Syed’s Islamic Research Center in Aurangabad on purpose. He complains of oblivion and held the driver responsible for deviously taking him to the center. In a clarification video released through his YouTube channel ‘Sheikh Yasir AlJabri Madani’, he openly rejected the visit. He was invited [...]