What led the Saudi-led Intervention in Yemen? 

It all started during the time of second Caliph of Islam Omar ibn Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him), when he liberated the second super power of his time Persia from the draconian Majoosi fire-worshipping cult, and with the fall of the ancient Persian empire in the hands of the just Muslim rulers, it instigated vengeance into the hearts of the Majoos. To initiate their revenge the ghastly attack was made on Omar (ra) when he was leading prayers in the Prophet’s mosque, by a hired assassin known as Feroz Abu Lulua. His shrine is highly venerated religious place in Iran today.

The series of trials continued to unleash upon the Muslim Ummah. Salahiddin Ayubi had to fight the Fatimis for a decade before he could liberate Jerusalem from the Crusaders. Had it not been the treachery of Safavids, Ottomans would have conquered the western lands then. In every age, Muslim Ummah faced challenges from the snakes lurking in the green grass.

Iran has always spread its tentacles across the middle-East, with the primary agenda to capture oil-rich nations and make their governments unstable. It pumped millions of Iranian rials outside the region by strangling 11million hungry and homeless Iranian population.

With the pretentious gimmick played in the middle-East under the pretext of support for Palestinian cause, Iran could successfully launch its terror wings across the nation stealthily. With the treacherous secret alliance between Israel, America and Iran and with the ultimate support of the grand-Daddy Obama and happy-faced Rouhani, Iran backed the Houthi rebels to invade Yemen.

Zaidi Shias are the minorities whose faith and methodology go side by side with the Sunni majority. As the matter of fact, Sunni-Zaidi inter-sect marriages took place in Yemen, as Zaidis don’t curse the companions of the Prophet ﷺ, but simply hold the belief that Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) had the upper-hand to become Caliph after Prophet’s departure. However they were recruited and indoctrinated in Iran to adopt the Ithna-Ashariya (Twelver Donctine). Covert operations were carried out by the Houthis in Yemen in the areas like Sanah and Sadah, with the primary focus to establish Ithna-Ashariya law. Frequent uprisings to overthrow the government started, thus Yemen became a motley assortment. 

Conduit of arms from Iran in Yemen surged a great impetus of power grab. Soon major cities of Yemen became recalcitrant. According to the reports of al-Jazeera, more than 1400 minors were abducted from their homes to forcefully train them and induce them into the Houthi aggression against the Government. Distraught parents were robbed of their young children.

The famous college of Hadith Sciences in Dammaj established by Shaykh Muqbil bin Haadi was was sieged and bombarded leaving bodies of the students and the teachers under the rubble. 

Also on 4th November 2009, Houthis attacked the southern part of Saudi border, killing the border guards and capturing the Al-Khubah village and other villages.

However, after the death of the honorable King of Saudi, Abdullah bin Abdulazeez Al-e-Saud, Houthi aggression took peaks. On 22nd January 2015, 8 days after the death of King Abdullah, Houthis attacked Yemeni President Abed Rabbo’s palace with heavy-shelling for half-an-hour, that led to his resignation but was declined by the parliament.

The instability in the region engendered Yemeni president to officially seek Saudi’s intervention to help stop the Houthi insurgencies. 

On 21st April 2015, Saudi Government had to lead a bold step involving all the Sunni countries of the region to partake in the intervention to regain stability in the region, and to chase away the Iranian terror mongers.

Saudi Arabia is entrapped from all the borders. Iraq and Israel on the northern side, Bahrain and Iran on the eastern side, and Yemen on the southern side. Come hell or high water Saudi has to defend its borders and secure the neighboring countries from the Iranian aggression. 

Had Saudi not been involved in the intervention, Yemen would become second Iran. The schemes implemented in Iran would also be implemented in Yemen. Muslims will be barred from keeping the names Abubakar, Omar, Uthman, Muawiyah, Ayesha, Hafsa and so-on, as it happened in Iran. Mosques and Libraries of Sunnies will be wiped off. Sunnies aren’t allowed to build their Mosques in Iran, they are regularly sentenced to mass hanging. The same would reflect in Yemen.

Racial profiling of Sunnies will take place and Yemen would eventually fall in the hands of Khomenist Satanic power. By all means, Saudi intervention was highly predicted.

Interestingly, Obama ordered drone attacks on the al-Qaida areas in Yemen, but never took interest in stopping the illegal Houthi expansion due to the fact that Iran and Israel have been internal allies for a common interest, that is to wipe-off the Sunni-hold from the region.

The ongoing battle has taken lives of over 119 Yemeni government forces, 263 Houthis, 277 civilians and 7 foreign civilians. 

The most disturbing event that unfolded was the recruitment of minors in the Houthi army. A grief-stricken mother Maryam Qasim Ahmed covered in al-Jazeera’s documentary narrates her horror of losing her young son, who was found dead in a plastic bag. She reveals that over 1400 children are abducted and are forced into the Houthi army. She currently runs a door-to-door campaign to educate parents to protect their children from getting exploited by the Iranian-backed Houthis.

Saudi army could successfully hunt down Abdul-Kareem Mohammed Yahya al-Mufeedi who used his demagoguery to recruit innocent children in the army.

The most cunning part of the story is, the Houthi slogan: “Death to America, Death to Israel and curse be upon the Jews”, but their target is neither America nor Israel. 

The undeniable incident was the air-lift of 19 Yemeni Jews along with their Rabbi Saliman Dahari to Israel through the secret deal, the news was reported by JerusalemPost.Com, but it didn’t take the headlines rather it was brushed under the carpet.

Commenting on the current affairs, the famous Saudi-scholar Shaykh Rabi al-Madkhali endorses Saudi-led coalition in Yemen calling it as an incumbent step to protect the borders from the demonic tentacles of Rawafidah, who are known for their infinite enmity against the Sunnies. He describes that failing to protect the Yemeni region from Iranian aggression, the country would turn into another Iran.

Now, take yourself into the shoes of the present Saudi-King Salman bin Abdulazeez and give yourself a virtual examination of the situation and assign yourself the job to secure the borders. And ask yourself ‘will it not be oppression if I don’t intervene?’

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