Saudi-based Muslim Scholar Abdullah Taha condemns Terrorism

In context to the recent Manchester Bombing and the London bridge attack in UK, I called up (in June-17) Shaykh Abdullah Taha al-Madani of Hail Saudi Arabia – a Masters student of Qassim University, through one of my contacts to know his views on the growing extremism in the Muslim community. 

He expressed utter grief over what UK has suffered at the hands of demonic terrorists who carried out the attacks killing scores of innocents. When asked why there’s surge in the rise of extremism among the Muslim youth. He expressed out various reasons for the cause. He holds media responsible for distorted portrayal of Islam and Muslims at large, while billions of Muslims worldwide are peaceful and moderate. He said, “If billions of Muslims become terrorists then world would be difficult place to live. The minority of such extremists don’t represent Islam as radical groups exist in all communities and they don’t represent the majority”.

When I asked him, why the extremists resort to killing and bombing? He explained, “Innocent people cannot be killed. Even in the state of war, Islam prohibits killing of elderly men, monks, priests, women and children.” He calls the extremists as the “Dogs of Hell-fire” citing traditional sayings of the Prophet.

I further asked him, “what have the Muslim leaders, representatives and scholars have done to curb extremism within the community?”. He responded that, “you will find moderate Muslims condemning extremist Muslims, however the same case is not seen in other communities.”

He appreciated Saudi Arabia’s efforts in combating terrorism.

At the end, he unequivocally said, “Victims of Manchester attacks were innocents and by no means their killings are justified.”

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