​Yaser al-Jabri denies purposeful visit to Faiz Syed’s IRC in Aurangabad

Shaykh Yaser al-Jabri al-Madani of Jeddah denied visiting Advocate Faiz Syed’s Islamic Research Center in Aurangabad on purpose. He complains of oblivion and held the driver responsible for deviously taking him to the center.
In a clarification video released through his YouTube channel ‘Sheikh Yasir AlJabri Madani’, he openly rejected the visit. He was invited by Jamiat-e-AhleHadith Aurangabad for a conference, and the driver responsible to pick him up took him to IRC taking advantage of his unawareness, he explains.

People at IRC wanted to shoot his video in support of IRC, which he gently rejected. He couldn’t notice his photographs being taken. All the photographs were later uploaded on the officially associated Facebook pages of IRC giving the impression of Shaykh’s endorsement for IRC and Faiz Syed.

Advocate Faiz Syed, director of IPlus TV Channel, drew negative publicity among the scholars of Ahle-Hadith group for his video series on sexual intimacy and love-making. According to the scholars of Mumbai, he was repeatedly warned not to speak on such a brazen topics in public where women and children are present. 

Scholars have also condemned him for the self-concocted Fatwas on the delicate subject of sexual intimacy, most of his Fatwas are said to have no basis in the authentic texts. Islam is a moderate and decent religion which doesn’t shy to teach its followers every detail of their lives with absolute decency.

Scholars and the students of Shaykh Yasir appreciate his move for fearlessly disassociating himself from the confusion.

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