Urdu Scholars release ‘Fitna-e-Brothers’ book against the rising trend of self-styled preachers

A magnificent book against the surge of self-acclaimed “Daees” and “Brothers” has been released in India in Urdu with the title “Fitna-e-Brothers”, roughly translated as “Calamity of Brothers”.

The author Shaykh Zia-ur-Rahman Abdulazeez Mohammed Nazeeri has accounted the details with substantial proofs and evidences from the Quran, Sunnah and the sayings of pious Imams of how often the self-acclaimed speakers have ruined the essence of Dawah of the Prophets with their lack of knowledge and arrogance.

Shaykh Abdulwakeel Madani reviewed the book and Dr. RK Noor endorsed it with the foreword.

The term “Brothers” refer to a suit-booted Daee or Speaker, whose albums glamorize his photographs  with a Quran in the left hand and the index finger pointing towards the sky. The style imitates the Christian missionaries. It was first coined by a Hyderabad-based student of Dr. Zakir Naik to counter the Christian evangelists who are famous with the titles ‘Father’, ‘Brother’ and ‘Sister’. For example, Brother Racheed, Brother Johnson, Sister Nivedita, etc.

Gradually, the trend started to appeal youth. 3-days to 20-days Dawah crash courses train the youth to master the public speaking skills and the art of “turning the tables over” – which teaches to always counter argue and never give up. The idealized concept would win a heated debate but when the audience are Muslims and pose questions related to Fiqh or Aqeedah, the speakers resort to hypothesizing issues and misinterpreting conclusions to convince the masses which land them in hot waters.

Majority of  ignoramus youth appreciate the speakers despite their mistakes with the excuse ‘at least he does something for religion’. The self-deception has added insult to injury.

The book calls to approach the subject-matter experts of Islamic faith, rather approaching the crash-course trained public speakers.

The book aims to educate Scholars and elders of the community to comprehend the risk of self-acclaimed speakers in the society whose ignorance on public platforms shall jeopardize the entire community.


Read the book online:

Download PDF

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