Saudi Government approves Yoga? My Thoughts

Indian Media channels going berserk over the Saudi Government’s approval of Yoga. Bragging and boasting about it.
Majority of the Indian media reports mention, Saudi Ministry of Trade and Industry has approved Yoga. However, there no such ministry in Saudi. There’s however Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment (

But what has Ministry of Commercial registrations of companies and organizations have to do with Yoga? 

Yoga falls under sports, medicine and health category, so technically speaking Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) or General Sports Authority (GSA) should approve it. What it has to do with Commerce and Investments ministry?

Had it been Government’s loud decision then it would appear in the official news-papers like Saudi Gazette, Arab News, Al-Arabiya, etc.

There are various regional organizations and groups that organize gatherings and events in the private premises. 

Various organizations like Bazm-e-Ittehaad, Hum Hindustani, Indian Engineers forum, etc. run by the Indian NRIs in collaboration with interested Saudis. At times some Saudis find it ok to take part in such events. 

Indian NRIs also conduct events on Shayari, music and comedy. Pakistani expatriates also conduct such events on arts, music and entertainment with the approval of their respective embassies. 

Indian communities also conduct Deepavali, Dussera, Christmas celebrations in private Isterahah or recreational centers. 

Saudi Authorities don’t directly interfere in the private premises if the events are not about funds collection, donations and fund-raising. 

The way these organizations and groups function, Yoga classes have also been carried out in Saudi, and off late the organization received ‘commercial registration’ like any other company or how even a small Baqala (grocery store) has, so there’s no big deal about it.

Christian theologians have criticized Yoga for being based on Satanic rituals. Aliester Crowley the self-confessed Satanist praises Yoga in his book ‘8 Lectures on Yoga’, it tells how the rituals help reach the highest level of meeting god (Satan).

Various non-Muslim theologians call Yoga a gateway to demonic possessions as it involves worship of the sun-god. It helps the super-natural entities which Muslims call as Jinn enter the body.

Yoga originates from Tantric rituals and it revolves around 7 Chakras attained through constant meditation, the highest level of it is Sahasrara and the Yogi who reaches Sahasrara experiences Nirvikalpa Samadhi which means he gets dissolves with Almighty god.

However, this concept of dissolving with God is referred to Shirk (Polythiesm) in Islam, as Islam calls toward Oneness of God in all His names, attributes and lordship.

Overall concept of Yoga revolves around Tantra, Chakra and rebirth; which directly stand in contrast to Islamic principle of Tawheed (Monotheism).

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