Sheikh Musa Aal-Nasr dies in car accident

Shaikh Muhammad Musa Aal-Nasr has died in a car accident today. He was a student of Shaikh Al-Albaani and stayed close with him from the 1970s until Shaikh Albaani’s death in 1999.

The Shaikh was born in Palestine but moved to Jordan. He graduated from the Islamic University of Madinah and gained a bachelors degree in the Sciences of Qur’aan and Its Recitations” in 1981.

In 1984 he graduated from the University of Punjab with a Masters Degree in “Islamic Sciences and Arabic Language”. He then continued his studies in Pakistan in the Islamic University of Lahore. He gained his PhD Doctorate’s Degree Qur’aanic University of Umm-Darmaan in Sudan.

He worked Saudi Department of Educational Research, Da’wah and Guidance at the center “Markaz Da’wah wal-Irshaad” in Bahrain. He also worked as a lecturer at the College for Islamic Sciences and  as a member in the Committee of Testing and Examining Recitations of Imaams in Zarqaa.

Since 1993 until his death today he was working as a lecturer at the University of Applicable Sciences.

He has written numerous books and founded a magazine which is still in print.

For years he had been providing treatment and cured for spiritual sicknesses, such as possession, sorcery, the evil eye, and epilepsy. He had a great concern for the subject of prophetic medicine.

He gained ijaazahs on Recitation and Hadeeth from a group of scholars, including Shaikh ‘Ataa-ullaah Haneef, Shaikh Badee’- ud-Deen As-Sindee, the Muhaddith of Sind, and others

Courtesy: Muslim World Journal 

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