What if Two Muslim countries have conflict?

Dr. Murtuza Sahab quotes Shaykh Aiyad ash-Shammari about the exemption of criticizing the Governments who were responsible for creating dissent and sedition, and whose state Media and intelligence were responsible to destabilize the country of Tawheed (Saudi Arabia), and those who have given refuge to perpetrators of protests and seditions. 

Those Governments who invite these criminals on their state Media and broadcast the shows which promote how to accomplish protests in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

He calls it Jihaad al-Bayaan to at least defend the country of Tawheed from the evil propaganda, to counter the motives of those who dream to replace Saudi Rulers with secular and democratically elected politicians. To respond the false allegations and the sinister motives of those who make Media attacks.
He also provides examples of the past where the Ulema openly criticized Saddam, when he proceeded to attack Kuwait and later Eastern Saudi.
Dr. Murtuza Sahab later quotes Dr. Saeed Raslan who criticized Tayib Erdogan openly for making alliance with Zionists. 

What he said is truth. Turkish state Media have always spewed poison against the Kingdom. Erdogan made OPEN repapproachment deal with Israel in June-2016. 

His country buys weapons from Israel and also takes part in the joint military exercises.
I, AbuTalha Zahack believe in supporting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it’s my personal choice which I see nothing deviating from the statements of the Scholars.  You have your own personal choice to take and I defend this nation for the Tawheed and never publish or promote their defects. 

And I try my best to reply the evil propaganda of those who spread lies, deception, rumors and falsehood against the Kingdom. And yes, it’s my personal choice and it can never be snatched away from me. إن شاء الله. 

Source: http://ashabulhadith.com/main/?p=12353

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