The changing Saudi Arabia that’s bothering us: by Mohtaat Azmi

Saudi Arabia is changing, and changing ambitiously. People too, should wake up to this changing reality and be prepared to accept and embrace it. Time shall prove, how beneficial the vision, experiment and experience shall be. However, with awareness reality shifts. Face reality as it is, not as you wish it to be. 
As much as this transitional phase causes concern, we need to acknowledge the fact that even today – the security, the bessings, the prosperity, its religious society, its philanthropic causes and its sacrosanctity – is still better than several other countries around the world, if not superior.

We can disagree with their government policies and international political decisions, but to use this as an excuse to incite and instigate rebellion against Saudi Arabia and its rulers is an intention worthy of contempt and reprobating. Provoking the Ummah and presenting political differences as religious dissension, reviling the scholars of Saudi Arabia and collaborating with the hidden and apparent enemies of Ahle Sunnah – no conduct could ever be as despicable, deplorable and immoral.

Remember, those who rejoice revolutions and advocate ‘arab spring’ today, are not holier-than-thou nor do they bathe in Zamzam. 

God forbid, the day the peace and stability of Saudi Arabia deteriorates – it shall be worse than the ones we witness in Syria today.

Therefore, all pro-revolutionary dissenting forces and followers, please refrain and resist being played into the hands conspiring to destroy the Land of Tawheed and Sunnah – Saudi Arabia.

Written by Mohtaat Azmi, translated by Sister Afreen Baig. 

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