No Zakat to Dawah Centers and TV Channels, urge leading Ahle-Hadith Scholars of India

The Zakat debate for the year-2018 has started again in the Indian Muslim community. The inevitable question of who are worthy to receive Zakat has been a moot point over years in the society. 

However, this year leading Scholars of Ahle-Hadith sect of India have joined the vocal cord of the social-media activists who have been regurgitating the fact to prioritize Zakat to the poor relatives and neighbors rather donating it to the high-class Dawah centers and TV channels.

A social-media activist Syed Mohsin of Hyderabad-India has come up with an amazing 7-minutes short self-narrative video named ‘Hamari Zakat ka Asli Haqdaar Kaun?’ – ‘who deserve our Zakat?’ which narrates the pathetic condition of Hyderabadi Muslim community living below the poverty line and the oblivious attitude of the rich towards them.

The video adds weight to the cause by capturing telephonic conversation with leading Ahle-Hadith scholar of India – Shaykh Aneesur-Rahman Azmi from Chennai, who is popularly known among the scholars of Ahle-Hadith sect as Ustaad-ul-Asateza (the teacher of teachers), he was the Saudi royal guest of Hajj-2016, and the teacher of Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah – Shaykh Abdulmohsin al-Abbad comes personally to receive him at the Airport. 

“Allah doesn’t mention about Dawah Centers in the Quran”, he explained.

He encouraged not to give Zakat to Dawah Centers and TV Channels, rather it has to be given to the poor relatives.

Shaykh Abdulhadi Umri Madani of Jamiat Ahle-Hadith United Kingdom said unequivocally over a telephonic conversation that the absolute deserving rights of Zakat goes to our poor relatives and discouraged donating it to the Dawah centers and TV channels.

According to a report, average income of Muslims of Hyderabad is approximately 60 Rupees per day. For this very reason, hundreds of young Muslim females have to compromise to work at inappropriate places. Majority of the families have no men, while some have over-aged men or physically disabled men.

Owing to the surging financial constraints, minor girls are married off to over-aged Arab, Sudanese or Iranian nationals for petty amounts; and sent to work as house-maids in the gulf-nations for hardly 14000 Rupees per month. 

The Zakat appeals from the Dawah Centers and TV Channels come as insult to the injury. 

The lifestyle of the suit-booted “brothers” can make anyone go agape. Their air-conditioned flats, multiple wives, luxurious cars, and high-end stages are all paid from the Zakat donations. However, this description doesn’t fit all “brothers”. There are struggling or upcoming speakers as well, who appeal Zakat donations, who need to be counseled to take up a proper career and support the religious Dawah.

Let’s us not turn blind eye to the fact Sachar Committee report presented about the wretched financial condition of Indian Muslims. 

Besides calculating Zakat every year, every rich and opulent Muslim has to plan well in advance with a list of his poor relatives, neighbors and others who are worthy to receive Zakat. Rather discarding it to simply get rid of it.

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