Is it fair to criticize a Ruler and praise the other Ruler?

“Zahack bhai we have to be balanced and we can’t be biased,” my friend Mohiuddin Zoheb has emphasized to me during lunch-break free Sawa-Sawa calling.
I take it as an honest concern and I find it as my honor to put across the explanation. 

The issue is quite simple and no rocket science needed to grasp it. Those rulers who make truce among themselves to protect the borders, national interests, and lives & properties of Muslims, and the leaders who unitedly voice a stance, should not be spoken against. 

However, any ruler who conspires, breaks the truce openly or stealthily, violates the unity and sides with the opponents have always been spoken against.

This matter has been summarized by Egyptian Shaykh – Dr. Saeed ar-Raslan and has been translated in Urdu by Jeddah-based medical Doctor Dr. Murtuza bin Baksh. 

Shaykh has boldly spoken against the current Turkish president Tayib Erdogan for being pro-Iran and for his favorism towards Israel.

The translator Dr. Murtuza Baksh said in a telephonic conversation, “Erdogan shows us right and hits on the left.”

When Iraq was a part of truce, nobody spoke against it, but when Saddam broke the war and headed towards Kuwait. Shaykh Bin Baaz had to speak. The same case could be observed when Shaykh al-Uthaymeen spoke against Qaddafi.

One can argue, they are scholars of high stature, so they speak while we don’t speak.

This contradicts to what Dr. Murtuza explained from the scholars that every student of knowledge has to speak up.

When we speak, they say ‘speak not on whims and desires rather say what scholars say’. When we say what scholars say, they say – ‘scholars can err, so let’s not blind follow’. Here the matter of fact is, they follow their whims and desires, and they choose what they like and spit away what they hate.

Is the matter of speaking about Rulers restricted to only Saudi, Qatar and Turkey? How about Pakistan? We have seen many of them actively discussing and favoring specific rulers of Pakistan and disparaging whom they don’t like.

How about Sisi? How about Nawaz Shareef, Parvez Musharraf, or Imran Khan?

How about Iran? Aren’t there Sunni Muslims living in Iran? Why do we express utter hatred against Mullah-regime and pray Qunoot against them? Will not speaking against them incite citizens to revolt and get slaughtered by the oppressive Mullah regime?

Erdogan is a democratically elected leader, he is not a Monarch. He has himself called for criticisms if people don’t like him, thousands of Turks have recently tweeted #Tamam which means enough to Erdogan. The same is deemed as a crime and discouraged in any monarchy, so let’s not merge matters concerning democracy and monarchy.

However the lecture of Shaykh Sulayman ar-Ruhayli cannot be fit on criticizing Erdogan as he explicitly spoke about GCC nations. Obviously it complies with what other scholars have spoken, to keep silent over the leaders who are united.

Shaykh Dr. Saeed Raslan boldly exposed Freemasonic and Ikhwanul-Muslimeen connection with documented proofs, in a country where Ikhwan have taken leading positions in the Government.

If people of Saudi citizens say their Ruler is better than Kuwaiti Ruler, and if Kuwaiti citizens say their Ruler is better than Emrati Ruler, it’s as clear as a day that it foils Muslim unity and brings chaos.

Scholars speak specifically on specific matters and generic on generic matters. It’s the lost of grey matter of the brain if we impose Fatwas improperly. 

I could see Ikhwani-minded Indian youth whose history takes pride in taking pictures with Iranian mullahs, they often protest Saudi policies and criticize those who stand and speak for Saudi. However, they advocate Erdogan and often persuade people to stand with him, while you never see them openly advocating other Muslim Rulers. It’s a clear cut case of personal favoritism. 

I belong to a India where law doesn’t punish to speak in favor of or against Rulers of other countries. People are free to choose and promote their ideas. The regional Indian newspapers and news channels spread fake-news against Saudi Arabia and promote Iran and its allies, how does it matter if I choose and promote otherwise?

Prophet Mohammed ﷺ  and his Sahaba rejoiced the defeat of Persians at the hands of Romans. They preferred people of the book over the fire worshiping pagans.

I have umpteen and amicable reasons to admire the Saudi leadership under whose auspices majority of Muslim countries unite to form a unified alliance against the open and the lurking enemies of Islam.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman who is hardly 6 months elder to me is a great inspiration to men like me. It’s sheer bigotry that people purposely ignore to appreciate his energetic steps and his charismatic leadership. People of his age spend time on the corners of roads discussing people’s affairs while he travels from country to country striking millions of deals to improve the condition of his country. 

Who on the earth gets the position of personal advisor of Governor of Riyadh at the age of 21? One may brush it off under the carpet that wealth and Dad’s hands made him big. Haven’t we seen spoiled kids of big-shots? 

Wealth and Family doesn’t make a person reach such position, I believe it’s Allah’s ﷻ sheer grace as He promised to give His Kingdom to whom He wills, as He bestowed upon Solomon and David.

In the end, I regurgitate the simple formula, keep silent over the Rulers whose alliance fortify Muslim unity and Muslim causes, while expose those who violate the truce and side with the evident ememies.

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