Amir Liaqat’s melodrama to eliminate Khalil Javed Sahab from the show

“Main yeh show nahi karsakta” – I cannot continue this show said Amir Liaqat and left the live airing of the show, while Kaukab Noorani tried stopping him “Daak Saab, Daak Saab” but he immediately continued telling Khaleel  Javed Sahab that they cannot continue the show with him.

It was quite interesting to see the Shitte scholar seated next to  Khaleel Javed Sahab uttered not a single word against the questioning of Khilafah of Hazrate-Ali (may Allah be pleased with him), he remained passive as though letting the things to happen on their own.

The complete tirade looked well-planted and well-planned to eliminate Khaleel Javed Sahab from the show as he was the sole person responding every single question with proofs, evidences and substantial texts from Quran and Hadith.

The caller who called from Gujarat-India had a very vague style of asking the question, whether Hazrate-Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) was given Khilafah by Prophet Mohammed ﷺ. Upon which Amir Liaqat pretended anger and deliberately mentioned Dr. Zakir Naik’s name that he believes and promotes the same methodology. After disconnecting the call, he immediately turned towards Khaleel Javed Sahab taunting him of not opposing the caller’s views.

Khaleel Javed Sahab responded meekly that what caller asked opposes the very creed of all schools of thought of Sunni-Islam, at the same time he defended Dr. Zakir Naik that he never believed and promoted any such belief against Hazrate-Ali (may Allah be pleased with him).

This was the chance Amir Liaqat was looking forward, he immediately grabbed the opportunity to divert it to another thread of discussion that Dr. Zakir Naik says that Prophet Mohammed ﷺ is dead and his help cannot be sought. Khaleel Javed Sahab pacified him that Urdu/Hindi is not Dr. Zakir Naik’s mother tongue so he couldn’t have chosen proper choice of words.

Amir Liaqat pretended to lose his cool and faking off his love towards Prophet Mohammed ﷺ that he could not tolerate advocacy of Dr. Zakir Naik. Despite Khaleel Javed Sahab kept regurgitating the point that he wasn’t on the show to advocate Dr. Zakir Naik. However, taking this as a golden opportunity Amir Liaqat walked off from the show.

Kaukab Noorani stood up to stop Amir Liaqat, but continued to speak his language to eliminate Khaleel Javed Sahab from the show. He said, Dr. Zakir Naik cannot be even termed as a human-being, leave the question of calling him a Muslim. Khaleel Javed Sahab responded, if Dr. Zakir Naik isn’t even a human-being then why his name was deliberately taken.

The melodrama was very evident and as clear as a day that Amir Liaqat and Kaukab Noorani planned and executed the tirade.

In the recent advancement, PEMRA – Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority banned Amir Liaqat for 30 days from appearing on any TV channel. His history is infamous of inciting, causing discord, and creating sectarian rifts in his home country.

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