Disturbing stories of these women who need your Zakat, not the TV Channels or Dawah Centers 

On a ruthless afternoon of May, a very old lady said ‘Beta kuch paise dedo, mai Kurnool se aai, bhot zarurat hai, mere aulaad nai hai, zakaat pe mera guzara hota’, (Son, please help me, I am from Kurnool and I desperately need money, I don’t have any caretakers even in this age, I survive on Zakaat) 10 seconds into her words and a stone would melt.

A day later, an old lady of similar age at Mehdipatnam, seated in a corner of road, failing to find any shade, couldn’t move her parched lips, could barely speak. She begged for help and provided her address (verified) to prove her truthfulness. She requested some monetary help as she was deserted by every single pig she nurtured thinking they would be by her side in her difficult time.

Today, after zohar salaah, a septuagenarian, moaning with pain (of helplessness), she was suffering from loneliness, lack of support, paralysis and was very scared of hunger and poverty, begged for some monetary help as she has no source of income for sustenance and for treatment of paralysis. She provided (a verified) address and couldn’t control her tears. You wouldn’t need a psychologist to read her condition.

In total, I hardly spent 6 minutes with these women and this was their plight. How many many many more are missing our sight? 

There is another very hard working lady. Widowed barely couple of years into her marriage and a complete stranger to this City. She brought up three kids, 1 son and 2 daughters. As expected, the dog deserted her for a bitch (female dog). Bringing up young DAUGHTERS is wrestling one too many prying eyes, it’s a DAILY war, especially when you don’t have a 1) Husband 2) Father 3) Brother 4) Son 5) Relatives 6) Acquaintance. Recently the daughters completed their studies (10th and 12th) and their morals, SubhanAllah, one in trillions, they don’t look into anyone’s eyes while talking, neither do they raise their voice above minimum decibel possible. This lady asked for support for her Daughters.

There is this lady, in her 60s, works as a maid, no children, no father. Her husband deserted her for another lady. This old woman supports children from her Husband’s second wife. This is what she said “Garmiyo se dar hota saab, mai ja sotiu, udar zameen se, chath se, aazu bazu ke diwaro se bhot garmi maarti saab, mai raat raat bhar nai so saktiu saab ye umar me bhot takleef hori saab dua karo (I am scared of Summer, the room I sleep in, mercilessly blows heat from top, bottom and sides, it is very hot. I go without sleeping for days, in this age it is very difficult, please make dua for me). She didnt even ask for help. 

Another Widow, more acquainted to Hunger than she is to her own blood. She is in her 50s, without a father and barely enough support from anyone else, fasts every Monday and Thursday; nice isn’t it? Not really, she is helpless, she fasts because she has no food to eat. Just a week ago, in the scorching sun, she walked 3 km (one way) to get free medicines from some government office. She also walks 5 km (one way) every month to get ‘Widow pension’ (Not more than Rs 400) so that it keeps her afloat. She needs support.

The point I want to raise is not whether we are helping people enough by FINDING THE NEEDY or not, but it is to draw our attention to our Sadqa and Zakaat. Who are we giving it to? Are we giving just what are supposed to or are we being gracious? Between us and Allah. 

Also, most importantly, are you planning to give any of your Zakaat / Sadqa to the so called “Islamic” Centers? Then be aware of the thieves, liars, looters and slaves of luxurious life.

Regardless of what deceitful lie they come up with to justify taking YOUR Zakaat money, THEY DO NOTHING EXCEPT fulfilling their desires. 

PS: Everyone mentioned here have already been supported by some Brothers, Alhamdulillah. 

Written by Syed Abdur-raheem – ex-Member of a Hyderabad-based Dawah Center. 

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