The Erdoganist Win in Turkey: Expectations and Concerns by Dr. Ajmal Manzoor Madni

Erdogan’s victory was pre-planned and pre-decided. Had he not emerged as ‘absolute victorious’ after all the corruption, forced emergency and their archly media – how else would the Erdoganist (Bhakts) justified their beating the drums to victory? Compelled to keep his exultant fans satisfied too!

And if in this state of jubilation, few junkies avow their Ameer-ul-Mumineen shall certainly reinstate the Islamic mode of governance – then it is sufficient to slap them with Erdogan’s statement – “Centuries old Islamic provisions cannot be implemented today”.

And if a devotee claims, though it is not possible to implement Shariah, however Erdogan shall assuredly challenge the apostates and the atheists – then it should suffice to remind them of Erdogan’s statement – “Our party sees secularism as an important segment of democracy. Our political party is not Islamic. It is not based on religion”.

And if some zealot reverses on both the aforementioned assertions, celebrates thinking all ties to the Jewish state shall cease to exist, and Bethlehem we shall conquer – then these zealots too should be shown the path that lead to the ceremonies and receptions hosted annually by Ankara and Istanbul, marking the independence day of Israel.

And just incase, if the most menial of Erdoganist, apologetically claims the least his Ameer-ul-Momineen will do is eliminate the prevailing heterodoxic doctrine of Atatürk – then he too needs to be reminded of Erdogan’s statement issued on the death anniversary of Atatürk, in which he fondly called Atatürk his ideal and a hero.

In his victory speech, after winning the Presidential elections, Erdogan emphasized he would ensure Syrian people are able return to their home country, in order to ward off Turkish economic crisis. Secondly, he would ‘act more decisively’ against the Kurdish organizations. Implies, persecution of the Sunni Kurd Muslims shall continue with motivating determination. And those refugees whose prayers, according to the Erdogani devotees, were instrumental in bringing about this Presidential triumph, shall be exported back to their ruined surroundings.

Then, certain ardent followers declare that Erdogan set an outstanding precedent by conducting these historic and peaceful elections. It is essential they enlighten themselves, by reading news that detail and enumerate -the 2700 judges removed, 131 media organizations shut down, jailed over 286 journalists, over 1700 members of armed forces including 149 General & Admirals discharged or arrested, closed down 2300 institutions – in addition to criminal offences of beating observers and rigging – all led to his successful reinstatement.


Written by Dr. Ajmal Manzoor Madani, translated by Sister Umme-Humayun

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