Debunking News: Makkah Imam Arrested

The news of arrest of Imam of Makkah Sheikh Saleh al Taleb has become viral on social media these days. Everybody has been speaking, tweeting and discussing about the arrest, and the alleged reports say that he was arrested because he spoke against the mixed gatherings and the Kingdom’s modernization plans.

The news was first reported by a vague Twitter account @m3takl_en (Prisoners of Conscience) on August 19th 2018.


The report vaguely says, ‘we confirm the arrest’.

The questions arise, who is this ‘we’? from where did they get the news? From whom did they get the news? How did they get the news? How do they confirm the arrest? Based on which official report they confirm the arrest?

It further says, ‘it is said that the reason for the arrest’ – how can a news report be written in passive voice? The news reports are always written in the active voice, giving a clear picture to the readers.

It is said’ – who said? when it was said? how did they say? Where did they say?

The news comes from a vague Twitter account, and the report in itself is dubious and suspicious.

Qatar’s al-Jazeera reported the source of the news to be from the above-mentioned vague Twitter account, and every local, regional and international media channels mention Al-Jazeera to be their source. So the whole chain of narrators are dubious, fake and based on intentional false-propaganda against Saudi Arabia.

Al-Jazeera is infamous for spreading false news in the past as well like the death of Crown Prince, arresting of an Imam in Yanbu, opening of nude beaches in NEOM city, etc.

Al-Jazeera’s sister media channels like MiddleEastEye and MiddleEastMonitor instantly play the role of spreading the false propaganda.

Al-Jazeera’s senior political analyst is an Israeli national named Marwan Bishara, whose brother Azmi Bishara is an Israeli member of parliament. Also, the infamous Mehdi Hasan – an Iranian Shitte – Presenter of Al-Jazeera English, is known for his anti-Sunni remarks and his deliberate propaganda against the Sunni Arab nations.

Al-Jazeera played a major role in propelling uprising, protests and demonstrations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and it has been one of the major reasons why Saudi Arabia demanded Qatar to shut-down the channel.

Those who are keen in spreading this news on the social media are driven by sinister motives. They yearn to see Imams in Saudi Arabia to preach treason, dissent and sedition, which should lead to uprising and replacement of Rulers, similar to what happened in Libya.

It’s as clear as a day that there has been a deliberate attempt to spread false propaganda against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our prayers and support stand with the Rulers of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and UAE and their fight against extremism and terrorism.


Read in Urdu – اردو میں پڑھیں



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