Tips to get Family Visit Visa in Saudi in a day or two

The Saudi residents who intend to invite their family members on a visit visa, can follow the apt procedure to get the visa within a day or maximum two.

I recently applied for visit visa for my in-laws, and got the visa within an hour of chamber of commerce approval.

Step 1: Apply the visa online via:, click Citizens and Residents


Choose Resident tab and click on ‘Family Visit Visa Application for Residents’.


All you have to fill are the following details: (Choose Auto-translate in Chrome)

Screen 1 (Important Notes)        : Click Agree

Screen 2 (Personal Data)              : Iqama number, Entry Visit Visa number, Iqama Expiry data (all these details are mentioned on the Dashboard of your MOI website)

Screen 3 (Application Data)        : Your information is automatically fetched, all you have to input is your mobile number, email, Address (Pin Code of the area of your Sponsor or Company)

Screen 4 (Visitor Data)                  : Mention the purpose of visit, Captcha number, and click on Addition button, which displays following screen.


Mention all the details correctly and click on ‘Addition’. Similarly add another visitor’s details.



In the next step, it gives you an Application number, save it with you for future reference.

Step 2: Ask your sponsor or company to get the Chamber of Commerce done. Once the Chamber if done – a green colored highlighted strip appears on the left bottom of the upper data with a mention of Chamber of Commerce.

Step 3: Visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I visited Dammam’s office (26.378419, 50.171128).

Keep all your phone, Bluetooth or any electronic gadget in your car before entering the premises.

Security will hand you over a waiting ticket.

Approach the counter, and he will scan the barcode of the application.

Step 4: Check the status online after an hour and the visa will be released.


I wish this helps you invite your family to Saudi Arabia.

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