To those who sympathize Salman al-Awdah and Yusuf al-Qardawi 

I have seen a lot of Indo-pak followers sympathizing Salman al-Awdah and Yusuf al-Qardawi.

I ask those Pakistanis who sympathize Salman Awdah – will you be praying for the conspirators of 2014 Peshawar school massacre?

And I ask those Indians who sympathize Salman Awdah – will you be praying for the conspirators of 26/11 Mumbai attacks?

If not why and if yes why? 

Every Government deals with the conspirators who create dissent, sedition and uprising in the country very harshly. 

What did Sahaba do to those who conspired the assassinations of Omar ibn Khattab, Uthman ibn Affan, and Ali ibn Abi-Talib – may Allah be pleased with them? 

Will you call Sahaba power-hungers who eliminated every anti-Government voice? 

Will you hail Abdul-Rehman bin Muljim as Hero as he killed Ali ibn Abi Talib because he was accused of not ruling as per the Shariah?

Will you hail him as a hero because he was a Hafez of Quran and was reciting Quran when Sahaba were killing him in retaliation?

I won’t call them power-hungers because they did it to establish peace and balance in the country, and they dealt with the conspirators very harshly as they deserved.

So those who are sympathizing Salman al-Awdah and Yusuf al-Qardawi should spend some time understanding how they have been conspiring against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the last two decades. 

How Yusuf al-Qardawi was preaching democracy in his sermons by praising Israeli style of elections, and inciting Muslims to follow the Israeli democracy. 

He even went overboard ridiculing the Egyptian elections that even if Allah stands as presidential candidate, He won’t win.

Yusuf al-Qardawi was the active demagogue during the uprisings in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. His speeches were instrumental in advocating the overthrowing of the Arab Monarchies.

When Salman al-Awdah and his likes had free hand, and when western media misquoted their extremist views – the very people who support him today would blame the Kingdom and the Salafis of inciting Wahabi-sponsored hatred and they would pretend to be peace-lovers.

However, today when Saudi Rulership has taken stern action against these hate-mongers, the same “peace-lovers” have become their sympathizers by referring them as “the true Shaykhs” who spoke truth. 

If truth to you is to create sedition, dissent, and uprising in a country to grab it’s government. May you and your “truth” rot in the prisons.

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