Shahed Selfi and Aboo Khadeejah: Salafis or Undercover Ikhwanis?

It comes as no surprise that Shahed Bengoli and Aboo Khadeejah have exposed themselves by sitting in the same boat with Ahmed Faizan Alam who openly ridicules Shaykh Rabee.

As the saying goes “enemy’s enemy is friend”.

The Menk-Qadhi fan, the pro-Qutbi, pro-Morsi, pro-Maududi, pro-Ihya-Turaath, and the staunchest Ikhwani AFA and the Bengoli and his pet Aboo have all united under one banner to run a troll over a post which is not public but has been exposed by a person from my native town.

It’s strange that Shahed Bengoli distances himself from Jamiat for being on the manhajj of Ikhwani and their gang of hipsters run smearing campaigns against Ulema and Duaat associated with Jamiat, but how does it justify to share the social media platform with hard-core Ikhwanis?

Shahed Bengoli referring the Jamiat and those who support as skid-marks of toilet.

They fool people with the fake Arabic accent and some posts of Kibaar but they can’t hide their companions as Imaam Al-Awzaaee said, “Whoever hides his innovation from us will not be able to hide his companionship from us.” AI-Ibaanah (2/476) 

Abu Hurairah-radiallaahu anhu-said, the Messenger of Allaah said, “A person is upon the deen of his friend, so let each one of you look at whom he befriends.” Saheeh. Refer to Silsilah as-Saheehah of al-Albaani (no. 927) 

Ibn Masood-radiallaahu anhu-said, “Indeed a person walks alongside and accompanies the one whom he loves and who is like him.” Al-Ibaanah (2/476) 

Abu ad-Dardaa-radiallaahu anhu-said, “It is from the fiqh (understanding of a person) that he [Chooses] those whom he walks with, whom he enters upon (visits) and whom he sits with.” AI-lbaanah (2/477) 

They kick people out of Manhajj just because you are found drinking tea with so and so and that so and so was found sharing a website which had a mention of Syed Qutb. However the surprise is, no such usool, principles, and etiquettes work upon themselves. 

Shahed asking his friends to try kick-boxing on his opponent i.e. referring me – probably this can lead to legal violation.

I wondered why the Bengoli has a special regard for the Ikhwani figureheads like Erdogan while taking pot-shots at Saudi policies. Allah knows best, if he is an undercover Ikhwani planted by them to carry out hidden Ikhwani agenda by disconnecting the masses from Ulema. Or a subtle Ikhwani agent pretending to be Salafi to create rifts and fragmentations. Allah knows best.

Shahed Begoli ridiculing late King Abdullah for honoring Bush, the same way Ikhwanis do.

His pictures with Iranian Rawafidah, his regular attendance at Menk’s center in Hyderabad, his hidden and regular meetings with deviants make me think if he is genuine or a pretender!

Shahed Bengoli with an Iranian Mullah.

As I always spotted him, “he hunts with hounds and runs with hare”. If you are in rome do as the romans do. That’s what he does.

Perhaps I am to them a deviant, but let people question their integrity, honesty, and their claims to be upon Manhajj.

May Allah protect us from the Dajjals of the Ummah.

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