Double-faced personalities fear of getting exposed

Some people take things personally when you speak about the rampant societal problems. A story was narrated by our Arabic lecturer in college.

A Moulana was making a speech on Halaat-e-Hazira i.e. current societal problems. He mentioned about boozers and called boozing Haraam as the problem was growing.

Next day, the area’s thug got angry and started shouting at Moulana for indirectly speaking about him like a complaining woman. If Moulana had guts he would have spoken directly and would see his fate.

Moulana never knew him, nor did Moulana knew he was a boozer. The thug reacted to a generic advise and unnecessarily exposed himself infront of Moulana.

The same way, when you speak about how people demand dowry, involve in unIslamic rituals, pretend to be righteous while hiding the true colors. Those whose heart has disease will start reacting, thus exposing themselves.

We say in our lingo “nakte ko dekhke naak khujaye to nakte ko gussa aya” – scratching nose looking at a pugged nose guy makes him angry. 🤦🏻‍♂️

This attitude has been described as the signs of the hypocrites in the Quran 63:4 – “They think that every cry is against them.”

It’s their fear of getting their hidden face exposed and their hidden agenda out, while you speak about a common and rampant problem.

I say, it’s not your fault of scratching the nose, it’s their inner fear that emits.

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