RESPONSE: Shahed Salafi’s Manhajj wars have nothing to do with Manhajj rather personal grudges

The ugly Manhajj-wars by Shahed Salafi has nothing to do with the pristine Manhajj rather with his personal grudges.

I never thought of writing about this as many of my friends told me to ignore the matter, but I have been ignoring it for the past three years and I do not think I have to ignore it anymore as the liar and the slanderer keeps spreading lies and slanders to vent out his personal grudge and personal vengeance.

The picture Shahed Salafi tried to paint about me online and offline is that I am off the Manhajj and there are serious issues about my Manhajj.


The issue started back in 2015 when Shahed was a very close friend of mine, eating at Ruman Hotel in Tolichowki, traveling on the same bike, sitting long hours at Masjid-e-Ibadur-rehman, and there are many memories.

He may argue that he wasn’t well-versed in the Manhajj at the time and for this reason he accompanied me. NO! it isn’t true. He was very much associated to SPUBS-UK during our friendship as he used to share from them and he had a Whatsapp group WSBC with all these hyper-active Kashmiris.

One day, they were expressing that praying in a Masjid associated with Jamiat is the least option. I took fiddle-sticks to it and started argument, which lead some of the members to start personal attacks upon me with all the ‘fame-seeker’, ‘selfie-lover’ allegations. Finally, I left the group.

In the late 2015, I came to know that Shahed is a part of a group in Hyderabad which declared Fatwa of deviant upon me. It lead to our arguments, I asked him why he is associated with such a group which calls me ‘Ikhwani’ based on some four years old posts.

By the way, I have a serious problem, I can never tolerate anyone, yes anyone who pretends good to my face but backbites and slanders me. The moment I come to know about it, I kick them out of my life.

I did what I could see beneficial for me by unfriending Shahed and asking my close friends to unfriend him as well. This made him furious and fierce upon me, and since then he started all these Manhajj wars based on sheer jealousy, anger, vengeance, and personal grudges.


In order to cast doubts among my friends, followers, and even Ulema who would even appear with me in a video, he started to approach them offline.

I have to admit and appreciate that he has got a sweet tongue and a melodious style of talking.

During late 2015, I was associated with Zulfiqar Memon for his help which he offered me right at the moment when the Menk issue emerged. I didn’t even know him, but when he talked to me and supported me by traveling all the way from Madina to Makkah to clear the allegations against me, I started to be his friend.

I have always wanted to promote good English speaking scholars who can counter the publicity of Menk, Qadhi and NAK.
I saw Zulfiqar Memon to be a good contender to combat them, so I started to promote him and his classes. However, I also promoted Abu Khadeejah, because I was unaware of their personal Manhajj wars.

Since Ahmed Faizan Alam was playing tactics to discredit the Menk issue by calling me student of Abu Khadeejah, I posted on Facebook, that I am not associated to AK-UK. This made all the AK fans angry and upset.

I happened to see a Facebook post of Arif Rasool Wani calling me Jaahil-Murakkab. I messaged and started talking to him. He started his vile talk with all name-calling, overtly enthusiastic tone and aggressive attitude. I called off the discussion by calling him ‘Bastard’, yes I admit I made a mistake and I repent for that. It was a spur of the moment which any human being is tend to make.

I called AK as ‘Chooza’ name given by Shaykh Wasiullah Abbas for their critical nature. Shaykh is an elderly man and it suits his caliber but out of anger, I referred him with the same term.

This gave Shahed a golden chance to present me as anti-AK. He ranted and ran this episode for months and months long.
ATZ is out of Manhajj because he spoke against ‘our Ustaad’ Abu Khadeejah.

Some of them started calling me ‘enemy of Ahlus-Sunnah’, ‘Khawariji’, ‘Ikhwani’, etc.
One fine day when I apologized Abu Khadeejah for the mistake I made, this made Shahed mum, because he lost a card he was playing with.

Later he started to publicize, I speak against Muslim Rulers citing my lecture on Dajjal and Freemasonry, in which I narrated from Shaykh Saeed Raslan about the connection between Ikhwanul-Muslimeen and Freemasonry. The thumbnail of the video had Erdogan, Banna, Maududi and Syed Qutb.

I still wonder when I exposed Ikhwanul-Muslimeen citing Shaykh Saeed Raslan, why did it prick Shahed so much that he started to misconstrue the whole video. (I suspect if he is an undercover Ikhwani).

If exposing Ikhwanul-Muslimeen and Erdogan is making me Ikhwani, I wonder if he dares to call Shaykh Saeed Raslan an Ikhwani.

I used to regularly attend Shaykh Mohammed bin Ramzan’s classes until my friend Zoheb was transferred to Riyadh, later I started attending online.

Shaykh Mohammed’s student Abu Hamza showed him my videos and by ALLAH, Shaykh raised his thumb and smiled. (I wonder when I was with them they showed my correct picture even showed my videos to Shaykh but when I left them they painted me as evil. This is like Hizbiyyah – either you are with us or against us.)

Due to my weakness to express every happiness on Facebook, I shared this too that Shaykh appreciated, and this made Shahed conspire. They started to approach Abu Hamza and Abu Afnan and kept nudging them if I am student of Shaykh Mohammed, or Shaykh has ever given by Ijazah. They obviously said – No. Shahed got another card to play.

By late 2016 and early 2017, he started publicizing on social media that Shaykh doesn’t know me and I don’t even attend his classes but lie on social media.

WALLAHIL-AZEEM, we attended the classes for three years and I have the habit of sharing excerpts of the classes which can push someone’s conscience.

I thought of ignoring this lie, but the lie was taken seriously. I travelled to Jubail, met Shahed face to face and clarified to him. While talking he was pressing my arms and the tone was filled with sweetness. I thought he would have done it based on mere misunderstanding.

But he did not remove the post nor did he change it. I called him again, and again. It made him think ‘he gave me sleepless night’. No! wallah I called him to tell him that this lie could take him to hell and who wants a Muslim to burn in hell? He paid no heed. Finally, I literally cursed him. I invoked Allah’s curse upon him.

They tried their level best to prove that I am not a student of knowledge, which I have never claimed about. Alhamdulillah.
Do I hold knowledge gatherings? Do I teach books? Do I boast about any Tazkiyah or Ijazah? My reply is no, and it closes the chapter of ‘ATZ of not the student of knowledge’ forever. But their personal vengeance continues.

In July 2017, Kazim released two videos accusing me of disrespecting Ulema due to the influence of Murtuza Baksh. Kazim did it on purpose to bake his own cookies. To silence me against Dawah centers and TV channels.

I made a live Facebook video disowning Murtuza Baksh. Shahed got another card to play.

He started propagating ATZ is deviant because he disrespected ‘OUR USTAAD’ Murtuza Baksh.

Interestingly, Murtuza Baksh is very vocal against Erdogan. When Shahed covertly started supporting Erdogan taking the help of generic statements of Scholars.

Also, in a comments section, Shahed took a pot shot at Saudi rulers in reference to the expat dependent fees. A caller from Jeddah called Murtuza Baksh to ask why he and his student Shahed have conflicting views regarding Erdogan and Saudi Arabia.

The shocker was Murtuza Baksh said he never knew who Shahed was and later he declared him ‘JAAHIL’. This exposed Shahed’s agenda of banking on Murtuza Baksh’s sympathy by calling him Ustaad and declaring anyone as deviant who disagrees with Murtuza Baksh.


To seek revenge he started to attempt every possible way to discredit and harm me, but he does not know that I do my Adhkaar daily Alhamdulillah.

(I don’t mention scholars names in order to avoid his new tactic.)

He approached a Shaykh of Rakah Dawah Center and asked him if he knows me.

He would adopt a warning approach while speaking to scholars.

Later he approached two scholars from Riyadh and sent him all my screen shots against Erdogan. This would obviously make any scholar angry that I carry critical political views on social media and at the same time I share their content.

The scare would be, ‘in case ATZ falls in any legal pitfall this will drag you as well.’

He would refer every scholar associated to Jamiat deviant but he never failed in approaching them to poison them against me.

The height was, he approached a Jeddah-based businessman and showed him the screenshots which I posted about their ponzy-business, this incited him to file a police case against me. Shahed exploited the situation for the revenge.

Shaykh Tauseef was referred as Takfiri by his close-pals like Ayman and some Ghosh. While I heard Shaykh Tauseef talking to Shahed on phone referring to him as ‘Shaykh’. The moment Shaykh went to meet Shaykh Mohammed, Shahed was the one receiving him. Why such duplicity and dodgy attitude?

Shahed calls Shaykh Abdul-Azeem Madani deviant because he promoted Congress Party from Masjid’s mimbar, but he was the same Shaykh who accompanied Shaykh Mohammed in Bangalore.

He calls anyone sharing stage with deviant speakers as deviant, but he is closely associated to Al-Asr’s Mohammed Khan, in fact he was seen attending lectures in Al-Asr. He invited them in his first marriage. When I asked him why he did so, he dodged by saying it’s common in Kolkata to even invite non-Muslims, so what’s wrong.
Recently, he and his new tools were found mocking, insulting, trolling me on a Facebook post, with who? With Ahmed Faizan Alam the one who compares Shaykh Rabee with Rabia Tea bag.

Shahed complained about me that I did not use Shaykh for Shaykh Rabee, while it was not a deliberate mistake, but how could he and all the flag-bearers of Manhajj are found joining the hate-filled Ikhwani Ahmed Faizan Alam in trolling, insulting, and attacking me? Where is the gheerah towards Manhajj?

They went overboard in comparing me to a Bollywood TV drama character Komolika. WALLAHIL-AZEEM, by ALLAH I say, I never watched and have never known till date who Komolika is.

Instead of responding academically to my blog on Shahed and Aboo Khadeejah, he asked people to follow the trolls and join in the insults and abuse. All in the name of Manhajj!


I would have agreed his concerns for the correction of Manhajj, but he went overboard by writing up my name with top militants, calling me fame-seeker, mocking my photos, mocking my part-time hobbies, mocking my social media posts, insulting my Facebook live videos, mocking and insulting in every possible way.

It was as clear as a day that his concerns were never related to Manhajj or the my correction, rather an emergence of his personal vengeance.


He accused me of referring him as Bangali. Let me tell you why I referred him as Bangali.

They would insult, abuse and attack you on their walls, and when someone comments, they unfriend and block. When someone exposes them, they mass-report the posts, hence creating a monopoly.

To dodge their trick, I blocked all of them and started referring him with his origin, so he could not report the post to Facebook.

What’s wrong in calling someone Bangali? Is he ashamed?

If I had racist mentality of disdaining Bangalis, I would not have sat and ate lunch many times with Bangalis in the British compound.

Murad and Mamun would not have hugged me and wept for missing me while they left Dammam.

It’s another card Shahed is playing.


He claims that I have always highlighted his personal and remote issues referring to his divorce and marriage.

Does he take himself as a film-star that I take interest in gossiping about his relations?

What is it to me? I have a lot of people messaging me on Whatsapp requesting me to write and make videos on societal problems. What’s wrong if I mention about the rampant societal problems?

He has unnecessarily come forward to clarify that he isn’t what I insinuate in my posts. That’s great if he is not, but why does it make him restless and uncomfortable in the first place that he feels it’s needed for him to clarify?


I wish this would be my last concern for this issue, as I have no time for the people who have never benefited themselves nor the society they live in. I have big fish to fry and I have many endeavors to embark on.

If I keep nudging myself with their posts and their screenshots which people send me, I am going to hamper my own personal and professional growth.

No matter, they ridiculed me, personally attacked me, slandered me, Allah has given me capacity to ignore and continue. Since he made it his leisure assignment to continue his lies and slanders, I thought of responding.

I have prayed for them in Umrah and Dhul-Hijjah and I shall not restrain from praying for their well-being.

However, if this keep rolling endlessly I will have to surely find a quick and legal leak-proof cement. إن شاء الله.

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