Trump’s statements against Saudi

I heard Trump’s complete 1:13:36 minutes speech which he did two days ago in Mississippi.

He insulted Mercedes owner, he insulted China and how China pleaded, he boasted how US is protecting Japan and Japan is paying them small percentage, he insulted HIS OWN immigration system as the ‘World’s worst immigration system’, in another meeting he bragged about America protecting Germany, France and other EU nations.

No body gave a damn to his statements, because everyone knows about 2020 US elections and this is his political gambit.

When nobody took offensive and responded, why should Saudi respond?

It’s his political career and he is making votes out of it, who cares his adhoc statements?

He is a businessman and he boasts about his career!!

Interestingly this news first appeared in Finance journals and later took a political nature.

The matter of fact is, OPEC and Saudi oil leadership is not cowing down to the Trump’s demand to reduce oil prices, and this brings down the notion that Saudi’s oil is controlled by America which is not the truth.

So Trump demands a return favor which America has done by rendering security service. That’s it!!


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