Opinions of Banana Tullab on Mid-East Politics

Those banana Tullab who are confused with – ‘why to praise the rulers’ – should understand minimum geopolitics of middle-East.

A war is happening in Yemen to restore the legitimate Sunni-Yemeni government against the illegitimate Iranian expansionism through Houthi rebels.

As a matter of fact, every war has two camps – pro and against – those who are pro are Saudi, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, and other African countries, and those who are against are Iran, Qatar, Turkey; while Oman is passive.

It’s the war strategy to create hyperbolic propaganda against the opponents, which the anti-War media machines have been doing. However, pro-war countries have professional media units which hardly narrate fake news.

There are infamous examples of Qatari and Turkish fake propaganda like MBS died, opening of luxury beaches, MBS bought costly painting, and the latest is Saudi banned Palestinian pilgrims.

Amidst this propaganda warfare, if someone musters courage to call a spade a spade to dispel the propaganda and to praise the ruler which is the need of the situation while facing a lot of accusations, slanders and all sorts abusive slangs. How is it wrong at all?

You are not the media expert, you cannot even distinguish between a reporter and a journalist. But you are high on the cocaine of attention which some people would have given you for your knowledge of Islamic matters.

However, it doesn’t licence you to speak your opinions on the matters which you know nothing.

What if, I poke into the matters of Islamic finance, and inheritance without proper knowledge, simply for the reason masses follow and believe me?

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