28959061_1889561154407977_6792530996697759744_oAbu Talha Zahack aka Zahack Tanvir is an SAP Consultant and a Computer Engineer, a social media activist, Writer, Vlogger, Blogger and a student of Journalism from London.  He is a permanent resident of Manikonda – Hyderabad – India, currently residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  He is married to a medical Doctor from Hyderabad. His father was a Civil construction contractor and his mother was a home-maker. He has worked in various IT giants of the world over the past 10 years.

Besides his professional career, he has been proactively involved in preaching and creating awareness on various socio-religious issues and other contemporary issues. He owns a YouTube channel ‘ATZ – Media Official’ formerly known as ‘The Men of Cloth’.

He is often known to appear live through Facebook live-streaming. His lectures and videos range from variety of subjects in Urdu and English namely Freemasonry &  Dajjal, Signs of the end of times, Sorcery, the world of Jinns, delayed marriage system in India, Quit porn series, evil effects of Television, health & dieting, evil effects of cartoons on children, the Qatar crisis, middle-East politics, and many more.

His articles are published in Saudi Arabia’s National Daily – Saudi Gazette.

He used to make short-films in the past namely The Suspicious Neighbors and Dhalaan, but to make it clear he left making all sorts of Short-films.

He also hosted a live interactive TV show during Ramadan-2011 in Hyderabad. He was also invited on Hyderabad Urdu TV, HMTV, and Ruby TV for discussion on various societal issues.

His articles on current affairs are published in the bimonthly magazine ‘The Knowledge’ in English from Chennai – India.

He was actively involved in publishing and distributing anti-ISIS book ‘ISIS – a tribulation and catastrophe’ by Shaykh Hussain Madani, which was originally published in Urdu in Hyderabad and was later translated by Haris Khan of Manchester UK.

He interviewed various scholars on middle-eastern politics namely, Shaykh Yaser al-Jabri on the topic of favors of Saudi Arabia upon the Ummah, Shaykh Aneesur-Rahman Azmi on Khilafah and Monarchy, and Shaykh Dr. Waseem on Ummah’s sympathizer Iran or Saudi Arabia.

He is also permitted to deliver Friday sermons at a Military Compound in the eastern province on every alternate Friday for Urdu speaking attendees.

For regular religious knowledge, he used to attend Monday classes of Shaykh Mohammed bin Ramazan al-Hajiri translated by Abu Afnan, in Jubail from 2013 till 2016. Later he attends his classes on Twitter’s Periscope. He also attends Daure-Ilmiya oftenly conducted in Jubail Dawah Center once in every 3 months, where a classical book is taught within a span of a day or two.

For any religious related issues he asks Ulema or Scholars and he believes in reserving their sovereign right to them.

Facebook Page: FB.com/zahacktanvir.

Personal Account: FB.com/abutalhazahack

Twitter: @zahacktanvir, Skype: abutalhazahack.